JavaX Introduction to Java Forums.

Welcome and thanks for viewing my introduction, I am willing to post some information about my self for all you members to get to know me.

Name: Keiren Lee Samuel

Age: 15

I originate from the united kingdom, I speak 2 world languages and 2 computer/internet languages, the two world languages I speak are English and Welsh. The other two languages (Computer/internet) are Java and PHP.

I have been learning Java step by step for a long time, although I ain't advanced I know the basic Java operators ect.
I have come to this forum to learn more about the Java language and hopefully advance and get to know some of the active members around here.

My php skills are fairly well, I have been putting some effort into making some modifications to my SMF based forum that I use for development, the forum also holds various JavaScript code that was created by me.

Getting around.
I first joined a online gaming community and started revising a little Java there and then, the community name was Moparisthebest. This was back in 2006 when I barley put no effort into studying. From there I stayed, advancing little by little and trying to help others with the problem I used to get.

I have been searching for a good efficient Java forum for quite some time now, I have found this forum and it seems to be a nice community, hopefully it is and I can get to know more about the Java language.

Currently studying.
I'm currently studying the Javax.Swing function and the SQL connectivity, so far I have read a lot of tutorial about these two functions and I am getting to know it a little more.

I hope you liked my little introduction, if you would like to know me a little more please private message me and add to your friends list.