Hello my name is Freqrush

I'm a studio techician and hobby musician and I'm trying to write a driver for the program JSynthLib.
JSynthLib is an open-source editor/librarian for synthesizers and other MIDI gear, with a little helpful mailing list.
That's why I joined this forum, to get help writing the driver and also to see if i could find people interested in improving JSynthLib.

It's a very helpful program for electronic musicians, but few musicians know how to program Java. So I created a wiki to have more extensive info for newbies. And as I'm a newbie myself, I could use some help for that too.

I use Eclipse on Debian for programming, like most people on this forum do , so that's already great to start :)

edit: Less great is that I have to post 20 messages before I'm allowed to post a link, should I fill this forum with nonsense first ? :confused:

The driver I'm writing: spd-11[dot]wikispaces[dot]com
JSynthLib homepage: www[dot]JSynthLib[dot]org
My JSynthLib wiki: jsynthlib[dot]wikispaces[dot]com