Hi I'm new here! This isn't quite my first post, already made a couple, but just noticed the "Introductions" forum so thought I better make a quick thread here just to make myself known!

I'm currently studying maths & computer science at swansea university and java forms quite a large part of that course, not to mention it's generally fun to learn a new programming language anyway!

I'm fairly new to java, I've already done a couple of courses on it though (as well as a course on the functional programming language Haskell) but other than that I have pretty limited programming knowledge.

I'm currently working on a summer research project into implementation and verification of long-integer arithmetic (think bignum) and will no doubt want to get some tips and ideas of topics/methods/classes to read up on to help me create and optimize my code, so I look forward to making a few more posts here over the holidays!

Well pleased to meet you all and hopefully speak to you all more soon! :)