just joined and like the message said am introducing myself

I am a Statistics graduate from India

been an IBM Mainframe programmer with more than 10 years experience

Recently learned java at a college in Toronto (where I am currently resident) mostly J2SE

now self learning J2EE

I learned SE stuff from Java How to Program 6th edition by Deitel and Deitel. I had bought a used copy of this book but unfortunately they did not send the CD which accompanies the book. So I searched on Google the words: Java How to Program CD ISO. And found a link in search result where an ISO file for CD was available. I hope this info helps others in similar position. I now have Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program by same authors. I am going to learn J2EE topics from this book. The book is a little dated. I am signing up to these forums site so that I can find help (and hopefully help others) finding old software or how to do with new versions.

Interests include programming, statistics, audio, video, photos, languages, item analysis, financial analysis, dabble a little in options trading, hindi and american movies

I want to build software for gaming, non-english texting, financial analysis, online scholastic testing, statistics, audio, video, photo analysis, security (both for making and breaking crypto systems), etc

so much should do for an introduction

thanks for reading