Hello Java Community!!

I`m Patricio Del Boca, and for my name and my English you can see that it is not my primary language.

I`m new on Java, I start studding it in my First year in the University and I like it a lot. I'm searching for a good forum to improve mi skills in this language. Actually I'm taking this like a Hobby, I think that the idea of making my own programs is great. So I'm on the march.

I'm not a person who has a lot of question and doubts, I read a lot before post, so maybe you're not going to see me in a lot of post, but I'm sure that I'm going to be reading every day.

Also, I talk and write a lot. So I`m going to end for now. I love Linux, and Free Software, and Actually I' m making, like a test for my knowledge, a program that make in a .txt a list of all the archives and folders that a directory contains. (With GUI)

Ok... I'm stop writting rigth now. Sorry if my english is not very good, but i'm sure that you're going to understand me.

See you in others post!