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    Smile Hi!!


    I haven't introduced my self on sign-up so I took some time to do it now.

    I'm Michalis and work in app development and maintenance in a telephony company in Cyprus.

    All of my "Dev" years where spent using LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) development and recently in my new job with IIS, ASPX, C# and VB stuff...

    I only used Java for desktop tools development things mostly for my self because I always loved the way Java works...

    Until when the day came and my boss asked me if I could do some fiddling around with JSP because we had some old systems that nobody managed.

    It's been a like 7-8 days that I started working with Java for web in Netbeans, made a standalone setup of GlassFish2 on a Ubuntu test machine, played around with web services and stuff and... W O W ! ! ! ! :eek:

    I never thought that such a PERFECT way of web development ever existed!!! :eek:

    (i.e. Being able to use all AJAX frameworks just like I would in a normal LAMP project just like that. I mean in ASPX I sometimes even got problems working with normal Javascript... )

    The best part of all was GlassFish... after playing around with it after the setup (deployed a small web app) I had to go back to by windows pc and check out a project on IIS that was giving errors... I felt that I've gotten out of a Ferrari and grabbed a kids bike... GlassFish is by far the most brilliant App Server I've ever seen. :D

    P.S. Tomorrow is the big day for JavaFX too... ;) can't wait to get my hands on that NetBeans plugin.
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