Hey all,

I am a student at a community college trying to work my way through school while working full time and as my second attempt through college I have picked programming as my major. I am definately more motivated this time around and I currently hold a 4.0 GPA, well that is until I get my Pre-calculous class finished. In my Java class I am hanging in with somewhere around a 97 with two weeks left. We are using a book that I dont like at all. It is by D.S. Malik The title is "Java Programming" -go figure Third Edition
There are a ton of errors and mistakes in this book and the questions that my prof gets from the book's test bank also have errors. The End of Chapter questions are stupid...I read the one chapter twice and still could not figure out what they were looking for in terms of the answer...I got that one wrong.

So anyways, here I am and I look forward to tapping into the minds of the pros and one day posting up helping posts instead of need help posts.