I've been using Java since the previous century (Java 1.1) and have written software that converts MIDI codes to sheet music - without using a click track; it detects tempo changes, so that if you slow down gradually you don't get garbage notes. (You get a "ritard" instead of feeling like a retard! ;-)

I'm also working on software to parse Korean text. One of the biggest problems for the beginner is looking up verbs. You can't always tell the infinitive or dictionary form, by looking at an inflected verb, unless you have memorized all the types of irregular verbs. I want to write a method to de-conjugate a verb, so you can find its definition.

Which leads me to TextPad ... I can compile a Java class with Hangul (Korean script) as a String - and even use Hangul in a variable name. But how can I use Korean characters with the System.out.println() method? TextPad seems to be using some sort of UTF-8 codepage. Or will Windows let me display Korean characters in my American-purchased Vista computer?

(I know the workaround is to use Swing and output to a text control, but I need System.out.println() for error reporting, like "expected kada but found kola".) 감사 합니다!