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    Talking What ho!

    Hullo my fellow Javaicans - my name is Peter and I am an IT-Diploma engineer student (DTU).

    I have decided to spend more time in Java-land, due to the nature of the platform and language, the forthcoming openness of the platform and the popularity of the platform amongst employers worldwide.
    So what could be more natural than to join this community-forum.

    Otherwise I started on on Standard Pascal/Turbo Pascal and C/C++ - where I have started up many projects, which I have abandoned, except a Autostart look-a-like deamon for eComstation, that I developed on Free Pascal.

    I was brought up in the OS/2 and later eComStation (where I for the first time met Java) world - but switched to the Linux world (The migration was done - christmas vacation two years ago).

    Live long and prosper...

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    Hi Peter,

    First of all welcome to our community. :)

    Seems you have well experience on C++. So it may be help you to learn Java, actually there is no direct relation in technical stuff. But if you are familiar with OOP concepts, really nice. I'm not sure how far it's help with turbo C++.

    Anyway best of luck with Java.

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