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    Default help me start with idea: few basic questions.


    I would *like* to buy use IntelliJ Idea, since it has a lot of great features I'd like to use, but I'm *totally* lost. For just being able to start with it, I need to know, how to do few things and I cannot find the answer, even if the help looks really well.

    We've got here quite complex project - many maven projects, with lots of jars and wars. One of war contains gwt. This needs to be packaged into ear and deployed on app server.

    So I created empty project, added maven existing maven module (agregator one) and all dependant projects was added as a modules. Next I configured application server and ordered build-> rebuild project. Everything gets compiled but not the gwt. It just compiles content of war but do not triggers gwt compilation process.

    Then I created run configuration which should deploy ear on application server. IDE added building ear artifact prior to deploying it. Ok, when I run this "run configuration" it DOES gwt compilation (despite of fact, that if I run this make on this compilation via build-make it does nothing!). Out of memory. Despite of fact, that in pom.xml is properly configured -Xmx Where to configure it (if it cannot be read from pom.xml) -- it has to be related to building of specific artifact ...

    then application server(jboss) would probably start. Where can I see its status? Can I start it manually without deploying app? Where can one undeploy apps etc. etc.

    I've been reading help for like 4 hour now, but still missing the whole picture, how maven configuration and idea works together, how idea compiles project, how to control applicaton server

    EDIT: ok, I'm able to launch maven goal from IDE and then run jboss (if I uncheck ear artifact to be build before deployment) but this bypasses idea compilation process & caching which I would like to use, indeed.
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    First I piece of advice you use simpler web container like tomcat and jetty.
    Second Just find out how you can run and debug simple web application without GWT or other web frameworks.
    Three You must figure out how compile, build and run your application to use only maven without IDE.
    Then you have not problems to make integrate all together.
    By the way I use a IntelliJ IDEA already 4 yeas It is cool IDE but it is pay.
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    thanks for your reply.

    ad 1) I currently do not have problems with app server, that's fine.
    ad 2) I'm on it - I'll try it today or tomorow.
    ad 3) no problem with maven. I can run it from idea also.

    and I also fixed some errors and heap configuration (there was special field for Xmx :) and settings was ignored in "VM arguments" field)

    But what I do need to help with is how idea & maven cooperates. I'm comming from Netbeans, so I'm not kind a used to this kind of thing. As I said. It's quite confusing for me, that project is somehow build by two build mechanisms.

    What I'm experiencing: I "make" some module, lets name it X, and it gets compiled and "made" even if I did not see the right files (files from Y) to be compiled. Weird but ok, lets go on. X has dependency on some another project, Y. Both was compiled and "made". Fine. After that, when I order new "make" command, it says "nothing to do, hombre". But when I ask for deployment, where is required built artefact of X (and thus also an Y) than the actual compilation of files from Y starts.

    Kind a strange behavior. Or is it? So how does the idea building internals cooperate/compete with maven build process? I thing I really needs to understand this before I can move on.

    feel free to redirect me to 50-page document describing it, i can handle that...

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