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    Default Using GWT with Intellij IDEA


    For some time now I have been trying to install Google Web Toolkit on my system to try and make an GWT application using Intellij IDEA IDE. I have however been unsuccessful in doing so.

    In the guides I've read it clearly shows that all you have to do in IDEA to make it work with GWT is define the path to the GWT folder unpacked on your hard drive. According to the guides, there should be a GWT icon on the Template Project Settings page, where you can provide the path to the GWT folder. I have been unable to find such an icon in the settings.

    I have checked, and the add-on that is supposed to show this icon - GWT Studio is installed in my IDEA (by default).

    I have tried this on IDEA 7.0.0 and 7.0.3, both unsuccessfully.

    If anyone has encountered the same problem and/or knows how to fix this, please reply as soon as possible with a solution or some pointers to one.

    Thanks in advance,

    UPDATE: I've tried to install IDEA 8.0 trial version and this problem doesn't appear there. When creating a new project you are asked to provide a path to the GWT folder right next to the Google Web Toolkit check-box. Can't see any reason why that doesn't happen in the 7th version of IDEA. I'm only working in IDEA 7 at work so I would still very much like to know how to solve this problem in the 7th version.
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