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    Default Hibernate and @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn and its strange behaviour

    Hello, Community. I have a question. I have two entities:
    Java Code:
    @Table(name = "articles_all")
    public class Article extends BaseEntity {
        @Column(nullable = false, unique = true, length = 11)
        private int id;
        @Column(nullable=false, length=255)
        private String title;
        private byte[] content;
        private UsersEntity author;
        @OneToOne(mappedBy="article", cascade=CascadeType.ALL)
        private Archive archive;
    and Archive:
    Java Code:
    public class Archive {
        @GenericGenerator(name="generator", strategy="foreign", parameters=@Parameter(name="property", value = "article"))
        private int articleId;
        private Article article;
    When I run application with this configurations, all tables in database are create automatically, so I have 'archive' table with foreign primary key, but when I try to add one more field into Archive entity (any field), tables didn't create, but works with manually created table (but my goal - automation). (All actions were used on database with dropped tables) .
    What does it mean? Is it a bug or it is normal behaviour?

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    Default Re: Hibernate and @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn and its strange behaviour

    Moved from New to Java to Hibernate.

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