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    Default mappedBy and joinColumn


    I am looking at Hibernate annotation tutorial for the different mappings like 1-1, 1-Many and so on. I see some of the tutorials focus on explaining the terms and go on explaining about inversejoincolumns and so on. Some tutorials concentrate on the example they are explaining and don't use the terms mappedby and joincolumn. This is not helping. I first want to understand the terms mappedby and joincolumn using a basic example. I will learn the more advanced terms like inversejoincolumn later once I start using hibernate. But for now I want a basic example with the explanation of the terms mappedby and joincolumn and how they are used in a mapping such as 1-1. If you post a good example with the usage of the terms I mentioned or point to a good tutorial I would be grateful to you.

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    Default Re: mappedBy and joinColumn

    Do you know SQL and database stuff in general?
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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    Default Re: mappedBy and joinColumn

    Its a bit of a weird progression. From asking about basic programming concepts:


    To asking about something as advanced as Hibernate / ORM packages.

    Hibernate has very rich documentation:

    Hibernate ORM documentation - Hibernate ORM

    If you don't understand it then it is not the problem that this documentation is faulty, its because you are not nearly experienced enough to be able to grasp it.
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