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    Default Is it possible two hibernate.mppaing.xml in a application with same databse?

    Team, I have some performance issues because of my existing hbm file. I enabled lazy="false" in most of the place. So, I am getting child objects and it is performance issue. Tell it is possible, Can i configure one hibernate.mapping.xml with duplicate copy of hbml file with lazy="true". If so, what are the thing i need to do and what are the impact i will face?

    --->Having two hibernate.cfg.xml on the same project
    SessionFactory sessionFactory1 = new Configuration().configure("oracleconfig.cfg.xml"). buildSessionFactory();
    Session webSession=sessionFactory2.getCurrentSession();

    SessionFactory sessionFactory2 = new Configuration().configure("oracleconfig_duplicate. cfg.xml").buildSessionFactory();
    Session webServiceSession=sessionFactory2.getCurrentSessio n();

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    Default Re: Is it possible two hibernate.mppaing.xml in a application with same databse?

    what do you want - two hibernate.cfg.xml or two hibernate.mppaing.xml ?

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