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    Question Understanding Hibernate, things it can does or not

    Hello there , I understand how I can use hibernate and how it works, it's made for modeling database as objets, and it's very good idea because it makes an estructure on best practices. But, I can't figure out, how it really works on practice.. I mean, how can hibernate does more effective a database storage?
    For example in a big database who has logs about people activity, a way to store is:


    As you can see, storage could be very complicate in simple things. Example: what happend if I want all week data about one user (between one thousand). You know, this action can delay the server.
    So, I asking myself if hibernate can solve things like this and how?..

    I appreciate, Best Regards


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    Default Re: Understanding Hibernate, things it can does or not

    You would give hibernate a query (Criteria) that it would use to query the database.
    No different to plain JDBC in effect.
    All Hibernate does is provide a mapping between objects and database tables/columns. It can cache if you want, it can build those tables if you want, but those are additional to that core of Object-Relational mapping (ORM).
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