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    Default Application not working when migrated to hibernate 3.2.1 from hibernate3.1.3

    We were using hibernate3.1.3 version earlier, now i need to migrate the application to hibernate3.2.1. When i tried replacing the jar file application is not working.

    Configuration config = new Configuration();
    config.configure(DatabaseManager.getDatabaseHibern ateConfig(databaseId));
    config.setProperty("", databaseId);
    config.setProperty("hibernate.connection.provider_ class", NetworkConnectionProvider.class.getName());
    config.setProperty("hibernate.dialect", DatabaseManager.getHibernateDialect(databaseId));
    config.setProperty("hibernate.current_session_cont ext_class", ThreadLocalSessionContext.class.getName());
    Do i need to add any extra parameter inorder to support hibernate 3.2.1 version.

    Please provide me solution for this.

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    Default Re: Application not working when migrated to hibernate 3.2.1 from hibernate3.1.3

    What does "not working" mean?

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