Hello, sorry if I'm posting in wrong forum but did not find the specific forum for my topic.

I am using the Google Calendar API and GWT.

I would like to create events as they are created in Google Calendar.
It seems to me that so called "quick add". You click over the day and then that window appears.

But the moment I can only enter events with a DatePicker and a Listbox.

Would you like to do as in the image:
create window similar to Google Calendar with GWT-quick-add.jpg

Java Code:
private CalendarEventEntry createCalendarEventEntry(String title, Date startDate){

	    CalendarEventEntry eventEntry = CalendarEventEntry.newInstance();
	    When when = When.newInstance();
		return eventEntry;

	public void insertCalendarEvent(String title, Date startDate, CalendarEventEntryCallback callback){
		CalendarEventEntry eventEntry = createCalendarEventEntry(title, startDate);
		calendarService.insertEntry(calendarUrl, eventEntry, callback);
Java Code:
public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {
				String title = lb.getValue(lb.getSelectedIndex()); 
				Date start = startDate.getValue();
				GoogleCalendarUtils ourCalendar = new GoogleCalendarUtils(calendarUrl);
				ourCalendar.insertCalendarEvent(title, start, new CalendarEventEntryCallback() {
					public void onSuccess(CalendarEventEntry result) {
						Window.alert("Event" + result.getTitle().getText() + "was inserted");
					public void onFailure(CallErrorException caught) {
Thank you!