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    Default How to display Hello World using GWT?

    In this tutorial, we will illustrate the process for displaying Hello World using GWT in java. GWT is a Google Web Toolkit which was launched by goggle that eases the burden of time working around browser quirks by allowing developers to quickly build and maintain complex JavaScript front-end applications in the Java programming language. The steps involved in displaying the Hello World message using Net Beans IDE 6.1 are described below:-

    Step 1:- Download the Google Web Toolkit package for your operating system.
    You can download this Tool from the following url:-

    Step 2:-For Windows, extract the files from
    For Linux and Mac, extract the files from gwt-mac-1.5.2.tar.gz

    Step 3:-Place the extracted files in the directory where the operating system is installed.

    Step 4:-Install the Net Beans GWT plug into the IDE by going to the Plugging Manager (Tools > Plugins from the main menu) and install the Plugins, as shown below in the figure:-

    Step 5:-Choose File > New Project .Under Categories, select Web. Under Projects, select Web Application. Click Next.

    Step 6:-In the Name and Location panel, type GwtHelloworld in Project Name.

    Step 7:-Change Java EE Version to 1.4, since GWT does not support Java EE.Click Next.

    Step 8:-In the Frameworks panel, choose GWT, as shown below in the figure: -

    Note:-In the GWT Installation Folder, specify the path of the folder where you have extracted the Google Web Toolkit package.

    Steps 9:- Click Finish

    After these steps ,the IDE will create the HelloGWT project.This project will contain all the sources ,libraries and project metadata as shown below:

    Steps 10: Now open the by double clicking and write the message to be displayed on the browser. For this we need to edit the following line :

    final Label label= new Label(“Hello World”);

    Steps 11: Now Right-click on the name of the project and choose Run.The Computer default browser will open and following page is displayed.

    Figure: Final Output of the program
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    Default Re: How to display Hello World using GWT?

    Why is this tutorial in the questions section?
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: How to display Hello World using GWT?

    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Why is this tutorial in the questions section?
    I've been moving threads since yesterday, but the poster apparently doesn't care to revisit the threads posted nor to even notice that they aren't still in Java EE -> GWT when it's posting yet another.

    You might also like to see the reaction voiced in I would have thought that 'Moved from Java EE -> GWT.' would be easily understood, but apparently it wasn't.

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