I started learning coding a years ago as a hobby. I get very little free time, so I worked on and off. I wrote small programs in Java (no particular frameworks, basic Java and some libraries, Swing framework for GUI of desktop apps), little programs (like printing Fibonacci series or finding palindromes etc) in Python, Perl, C and C++. I also wrote a couple of little Android applications.

From my education, I only know Mathematics at a basic level. Say A-level level. But I am good at dividing a bigger problem into smaller ones etc. SO I think I am/can be good in logic building. Now I want to learn programming so that I can make it my full time profession in the coming years.

But I want to get into a full time programming job only when I am at a level where I can earn well enough to have a comfortable life style.

If I have to choose to which type of programmer I'd want to become, I'd say I'll like to be Mobile App developer, as (1) Learning Android (Java, Kotlin etc) and iOS development (Swift) seems manageable, compared to like a million web technologies/frameworks etc. (2) I feel that present-day and future users will use their phones more and hence mobile phone apps.