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    Default Trying to understand bits on stack and heap


    I try to understand how a computer works and how a programming language is communicating with your computer.
    Lets just say for explaining purposes everybody has windows. A computer can have a 32bit windows or a 64 bit windows.

    Does that mean that on a 32bit windows there can only be 32xzero's/one's 01000010010101111001101etc. as maximum value to communicatie with the memory.
    But a 64bit windows can even have 64xzero'/one's 01001110101101111110101010110101111100000111011etc . maximum value to communicate with the memory?
    Am I thinking correct now, or am I totally wrong?

    About programming languages. The stack can only have a maximum value of 8bits so thats 00010011 max right? So bool, float, long, byte, int. etc.
    The heap can have a bigger value then 8bits, but what value is this? Between 1-32bit on a 32bit windows machine and lets say between 1-64bits on a 64bit windows machine?
    Can an object for example also have a random number like 10bits or 26bits on the heap? Or has it always standard values like 8, 16, 32 48, or 64bit.

    Kind regards, Jimme

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    Default Re: Trying to understand bits on stack and heap

    Moved from Advanced Section - This is generic computer stuff.
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    Default Re: Trying to understand bits on stack and heap

    For you first topic, you should read up on computer architectures. For the second topic you should read up on language design and stacks vs heaps. There is quite a bit written on these topics so there is no point in rehashing it here.

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