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    Default Disable XMLRPC Service Wordpress

    XMLRPC service is provided by Wordpress for remote blogging. Even this service is useful for remote blogging but this service is also used by hackers to hack a blog, so in this case you will need to disable xmlrpc service. Here it is a detailed tutorial which will let you to [Moderator edit: spammy link removed] for your blog so you should not be attacked by hackers.
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    Default Re: Disable XMLRPC Service Wordpress

    So you're actually making a confession here. You have been slacking, and not giving a shit about their resources and other peoples websites:
    Please note that your website required more resources than your current package, we have informed you several times but didnít take any action, now you are requested to upgrade your package to VPS or Dedicated server as all other clients are suffering their websites are not working due to your website excessive CPU usage,
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    Default Re: Disable XMLRPC Service Wordpress

    Thread closed.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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