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Thread: inserting a java function that will overlay text

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    Default inserting a java function that will overlay text

    I have a wordpress theme and someone wrote a script as a child theme:
    this is the view source code:
    Java Code:
    <label for="sf3_textsearch_textsearch">Text Search</label>
    <input id="sf3_textsearch_textsearch" value="" name="sf3_textsearch_textsearch" placeholder="searching something here" type="text">
    from the script below:
    Java Code:
    jQuery('document').ready(function () {
        jQuery('.wpl_search_fields.textsearch input').each(function(ev){
                jQuery(this).attr("placeholder", "searching something here ");
    I want to do the same thing but from this:
    Java Code:
    <input id="sf3_unit_price" class="wpl_search_widget_field_unit" name="sf3_unit_price" value="260" type="hidden">
    This Is my first post and don't have a clue on what or how java is, please help, thank you.
    I think I post the same question in the wrong forum, if the mods can delete the other one please. Just new to all this stuff and this coding is too advanced for me.

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    Default Re: inserting a java function that will overlay text

    Javascript is not the same as java. You need to find a javascript forum

    Moved from java section
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: inserting a java function that will overlay text

    If you don't like my answer in the first post ( you can say so. Don't start another thread with the same question.

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