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    Question How to add the reference to the picture?

    Hello, i try to understand greasemonkey.
    I choose the random page, for example:
    And I change the picture.
    Java Code:
    var sear = /http:\/\/\/assets\/external\/illustrations\/2015\/05\/23\/914550\/sm.hhop-2.600.png/gi;
    var chang = '';
    document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(sear,chang);
    It works.
    Now I look for the reference to the picture in an initial code.
    Here it:
    XML Code:
    <img src="" alt="" height="338" width="558" />
    I try to change it to:
    XML Code:
    <a href=""><img src="" alt="" height="338" width="558" /></a>
    And make it:
    Java Code:
    var sear = /<img src="http:\/\/\/assets\/external\/illustrations\/2015\/05\/23\/914550\/sm.hhop-2.600.png" alt="" height="338" width="558" \/>/gi;
    var chang = '<a href=""><img src="" alt="" height="338" width="558" /></a>';
    document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(sear,chang);
    It doesn't work. Even the picture doesn't change.
    You can tell me why it doesn't work?

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    Default Re: How to add the reference to the picture?

    This is a Java forum, not a JavaScript forum. Perhaps you should use some print statements to see how the URL's appear.

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    Default Re: How to add the reference to the picture?

    Not a Java question. Moved from New to Java to Forum Lobby.

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