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    Default Strange download

    So heres the scoop. Im trying to download some jar files for minecraft, but I can't because they always come as zip files and I can't change them! can someone please help me?

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    Default Re: Strange download

    Moved from New to Java to Forum Lobby as the question isn't related to Java.

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    Default Re: Strange download

    I've downloaded some minecraft addons before and they open with winrar for me (I use winrar instead of qinzip) but this shouldn't be a problem.
    just because it's opened with winzip and has a winzip icon doesn't mean it's a .zip file.
    programs like winzip and winrar can open a variety of files like .iso .tar .zip .rar .7zip etc. etc

    for some I needed to copy the folders/files in the .jar file into the minecraft folder and for others I needed to run an install try looking up how to install your addon with google or youtube or something.
    the info you need should be available somewhere, minecraft is the most searched game on youtube afterall :P

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