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    Default Resume help


    I am still finishing my undergrad degree in Computer Science. I feel like I have accomplished a loads worth. I recently started looking at internship. I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on how to specifically write things on it, but sounding professionally. I recently finished a course that was specifically on Servlets, JSP, and JDBC. I also have little bit of knowledge of Unix. I was wondering if I should put these under the languages? Any suggestions? or If I should reformat my resume.
    I know they have a place at school to help you with this sorts of things, but I don't have time. I work and go to school full time.

    so this is what I have for my skills
    Java Code:
    •	Java
    •	C++
    •	HTML
    •	MySQL
    Application Software
    •	Microsoft Office Suite (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    •	Database: Microsoft Access, MySQL
    •	Platforms: Microsoft Windows® XP , Microsoft Windows 7 , Microsoft Windows 8
    I have also coded in C#, but very very basic applications. I have published three apps for Windows 8 platform.

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    Default Re: Resume help

    I know they have a place at school to help you with this sorts of things, but I don't have time. I work and go to school full time.
    I would expect that for an internship they might want to see the courses you took. They can't expect much real life experience at this stage. But this is an important step in your career. I would suggest you make the time to talk to the job placement folks. Do you not have time between classes? Or perhaps you can skip a lunch. Or talk to your boss and explain the situation.

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    Default Re: Resume help

    I would put more time into writing a proper letter of introduction rather than trying to pad your CV. The trick is to present yourself as if you are eager to work and learn. Which hopefully is the truth :)
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    Default Re: Resume help

    Start putting together a portfolio. It doesn't really matter what you put on your resume, people want to see what you've done. Do you have any large projects you worked on in school that you're particularly proud of? Have you contributed to any open source software projects? Do you have any hobby projects that you've been working on in your spare time?
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