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    Default office spreadsheet as a frontend

    Hi, the question is not quite java, but rather components compatibility.
    I came with an idea to play with a server client desktop application and use office spreadsheet application as a front end.
    DB server, Spring, and Open office or Office libre.
    Are there anything to consider chosing open office or libre office?

    What I intend to add to the front end spreadsheet is a GUI form with navigation pane and keep all defined forms in seporate spreadhseet files.
    Or, modify a sheet element to be loaded from configuration at startup
    - the ability to be closed like a normal window
    - the ability to be opened from the navigation pane.
    MBY using libre office, since it is open source?
    Also, to push some messages from the back end to the office spreadhseet in message boxes.
    The inspiration is that I worked at a company mainly doing ERP data administration and various data lookups.
    To do that, we processed the data in ms excell, since the filtering capabilities and the manipulation of data in the ERP was... to be kind - POOR :D.
    Even for retrieving data we were extensively using ms query and direct connection to the database.
    Much better than collecting bits and pieces from various ERP forms.
    Then we processed the data in the spreadsheet and just pour it into some ERP form.
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    Default Re: office spreadsheet as a frontend

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