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    Default Switching Minecraft to use different java

    I have an iMac from late 2012 running OS X 10.10 Yosemite. So yesterday, I installed java 8 and it worked! When I go into terminal and type "java -version" it tells me 1.8.0 The reason I got java 8 was because I required it for a modpack that my friend is making. But when I run the minecraft launcher and it shows that white screen with code, it tells me that I'm on jav 1.6.0 still. I found a blog telling me that you change what it uses in the edit profile option, but when I switch it to "1.8.0" instead of "1.6.0" and hit play, it just makes the minecraft launcher go white and doesn't run the game. If someone could please tell me how to make minecraft run using java 8, that'd be great.


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    Default Re: Switching Minecraft to use different java

    This isn't really a question about Java. You'll probably have better luck posting on a Minecraft forum.
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    Default Re: Switching Minecraft to use different java

    Moved from New to Java to Forum Lobby.

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