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    Question Best Books For learning

    Hello guys!
    I'm new in Java but I have good experience in PHP, JavaScript and some in C++ and Visual Basic.
    I started to learning Java, but I stopped because I didn't find a good book to read.
    Thinking in Java: Too boring, there is too explanation like the reader doesn't know even turn on the computer!
    The Java Language Specification, Java SE 8 Edition: It was a reference not learning book.
    Head First Java: It was better than others but too funny!
    Effective Java: Not for beginner.
    Spring Framework Reference: A reference not a learning book for Spring.

    So I want a book about learning Java (8) and Spring 4 with this conditions:
    Concise, concise and concise but not a reference! like websites such as tutorialspoint and w3schools.
    Professional, yes, not insulting! I'm new in Java but I'm not new in programming.
    and if it's possible, being appropriate for readers from non-english speaking country!

    Appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Best Books For learning

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    Default Re: Best Books For learning

    You can't learn Java AND Spring at the same time. First learn Java using all the books you already reference (except thinking in java, that book is just really poor), then when you are "not a beginner" anymore consider learning about web development.
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    Default Re: Best Books For learning

    Ok, here is the first book I used to teach myself Java. Learning Java by Patrick Niemeyer and Jonathan Knudsen, 3rd edition. Covers up to Java 1.5 (generics). However, 4th edition was released a couple years ago. It goes to Java 1.6 and some of 1.7 (so Lambda's are not covered). Also, the second author was replaced by Daniel Leuck. Out of 15 reviews it averaged 2.9 stars out of 4. Most of the complaints were that it was not for beginners. I found the 3rd edition sufficient for a start and I was doing all my programming using the vim editor. Since I had programming experience (huge amounts of C and Perl) I found it pretty good.

    Effective Java is definitely one of my favorites. It is more like a best practices book. Items are self contained and need not be read in order. Other books I recommend are Java Generics /w Collections ISBN-13: 978-0596527754. It was written in 2006 but still applies to present Java releases. Java Concurrency in Practice ISBN-13: 978-0321349606 which focuses on thread programming. It was also written in 2006 so it does not contain all the special classes that have been added to facilitate currency programming.

    I also rely on the Java tutorials for specific stuff like Layout managers, CellEditors and CellRenderers, etc. Stuff which I forget if I don't use them regularly. And there are always good articles in the e-mags on various aspects of Java programming. And finally, there is this forum which introduces me to areas that I might not venture into on my own.

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