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Thread: Are the number of views displayed for each question in the forums real?

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    Default Are the number of views displayed for each question in the forums real?

    How are they calculated here?

    I mean, it has always intrigued me, for example I posted a question today in the Android forum and it received 103 views (and no answer)? While I had posted the same question on Stack Overflow (which seems to have a much bigger audience, sorry if I am wrong) two days ago and it has received 24 views (atleast 10 would have been myself visiting it at different times).
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    Default Re: Are the number of views displayed for each question in the forums real?

    This is probably a question for VBulletin, which is the software behind this forum (and many others).

    But just guessing, but StackOverflow might be only counting views of *unique users*, whereas this forum might count *every view*. So if I view your post 5 times, that's 5 views, whereas on StackOverflow that might only count as 1 view. That's pure conjecture though.

    Another explanation could be that this forum has a lot more spam bots than StackOverflow, so that might be contributing.

    Also, I agree that StackOverflow is bigger, but audiences for *specific tags* are pretty small. Also, StackOverflow moves pretty fast, so if you don't get an answer within the first hour or so, your post gets buried pretty quickly.
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