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    Default Changing button color

    Hello I'm new to Java so bear with me. I have a combobox that displays a button. Here's my code:

    Java Code:
    icons: {
    primary: "ui-icon-circle-arrow-s"
    text: false
    How would I go about changing the color of the button? So far I can change everthing but the button color. I have a cfm file pointing to the css coding. So this might be more of a css question. If it is sorry. Thanks for any help.
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    Default Re: Changing button color

    Is this java?
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    Default Re: Changing button color

    If I'm not mistaken, he's using coldfusion. But its in the end its indeed a bog-standard CSS question. A quick google should provide an answer in about 20 seconds.
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    Default Re: Changing button color

    That's JQueryUI, I think. Here's the list of icons for it.

    For the OP, the colour of the icons supplied for a particular JQueryUI theme is entirely (I believe) dependent on the theme you've chosen. There's a set of png files that comes with the theme you've gone for.

    You can roll your own here, or you can pick an existing one from the gallery tab in the Theme Roller.
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