Hi there,

I am trying to make the Java tree menu (on the left sidebar of this home page - Boilerplate Code For A 3 Column Elastic CSS Layout) to be automatically open at "Wordpress folder". Like this, see screenshot:

Where to place "openTo()" command to make it work?-screenshot058.png

Right now it looks closed, like this:

Where to place "openTo()" command to make it work?-screenshot059.png

Per the instruction of this menu creator (Destroydrop Javascripts Tree Api) I could use command

mytree.openTo(4, true);

I tried placing command mytree.openTo(4, true); in various places, but it doesn't make things work.

Can you please help me out to apply this correctly?

The script for the menu in HTML file looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript">

d = new dTree('d');
d.add(0,-1,'My example tree');
d.add(2,1,'Setup subdomain','default.html');
d.add(3,1,'Install Wordpress','default.html');
d.add(4,0,'Wordpress','default.html','Yeah, baby!','','');
d.add(5,4,'Setup on server','default.html','How to manually setup Wordpress on a server');
d.add(6,4,'One page blog','default.html','How to setup a one page blog simple Wordpress website');
d.add(7,0,'more articles','default.html','','');


Then there are also CSS and JS files linked to this HTML file:

Many thanks!