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Thread: How to get your code evaluated?

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    Default How to get your code evaluated?


    A question has been in my mind since a few days, and it calls for an answer/opinion/suggestion.

    The question is that how do you get to know if the code you have written is well-written or professional? In school, teachers can tell you. But if you have no teachers for a project, how do you know if the code you have written is good or not?

    I know one can read up on coding standards used (that's about the style of writing the code) but how do you get your piece of code evaluated?

    Although I am not coding something which utterly needs to be kept confidential, but I was also wondering how do the people who write the code and keep it to themselves or the company they are working for, actually get it evaluated?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: How to get your code evaluated?

    IMO teachers often don't know what code is considered 'professionally written'. They care about getting a point across, the focus is more on getting stuff to work in such a way that the subject matter is easy to grasp for the untrained mind rather than code being 'professional'. Don't use that as a reference point.

    I learned to write 'professional' code in numerous ways.

    1) experience. The more code you write, the better you get at it
    2) reading other people's code
    3) Reading reactions in forums. Often times, people give tips to improve code. Pay good attention to the ones that aren't outright rejected by others.
    4) Colleagues; most of what I learned, I learned "on the job"

    Note how I keep putting the word 'professional' between quotes; that's because I don't know what it actually means. Some people consider the shortest code to be the most professional, which I 100% disagree with. I find code that is easy to read and maintain professional myself. Its subject to a personal opinion.
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    Default Re: How to get your code evaluated?

    StackOverflow also has a code review section: Code Review Stack Exchange
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    Default Re: How to get your code evaluated?


    Thank you indeed for the great tips.


    Thank you very much. I am sure that is going to be useful.

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