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    Default C++questions, plz help!

    Hello people
    I'm new to this stuff, need you guys help me do my homework, It's driving me crazy. I guess im not smart enough for this.

    2. if you write program and, instead of multiplying two values together as intended, you divide one value by the other, you produce a___error
    a. syntax, b analysis, c. logic, d. design
    3. the diagram used in object-oriented development to show the characteristics and behaviors of a class of a___
    a. flowchart, b structure chart, c. class diagram, d. UML
    4. what object-oriented feature enables you to define subclasses that share some of the characteristics of other classes?
    a. encapsulation, b polymorphism. c abstraction, d. inheritance.
    11. which statement substracts 100 from the original value of an answer?
    a. 100-=answer; b answer=100-=; c answer=-100; d answer-=100;
    14 which of the following formats the first argument to display an amount with two digits to the right of the decimal?
    a {0:C} b {0:c} c {0:f2} d all of the above

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    Default Re: C++questions, plz help!

    This is a java forum.
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: C++questions, plz help!


    first of all I agree to Norm. If you have C++ questions, you should ask inside a C++ forum.

    But your questions are mostly generic and not c++ based.

    I went through all your questions and I am just wondering: You have multiple-choice questions and I think most answers can be googled. So I would suggest that you google to find out, what each aswer means and then you will also see, what is the correct answer.

    So regarding 2: What are syntax errors, Analysis errors, Logic errors and design errors? If you know that, then you should know the answer.
    Same with 3 - just check what the different answers mean. Then check which describes the characteristic of a class.
    Same with 4 - just google the answers again.
    11 is different. Just write a test application and try all 4 answers. You will get 3 errors and one will work...
    14 can be googled or simply try it.

    And sorry if I just pointed you to google. I could try to explain each but I am quite sure that there much better description on wikipedia than I could give you...

    With kind regards,


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