Hey guys, Chris here.

tl;dr - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...VsgHGtCMyqc7Dw

I've decided to start writing a tutorial series on Java programming that literally starts at the bare-bones, the idea of this series it to bring people that are interested in programming to understand it at an decent rate. The video's aren't that long (about <10 minutes) each because of my personal preference when it comes to learning something. I don't like taking it in all at once, I like it when I can stop every 10-30 minutes and take a break, get some food, play a game, and then resume learning where I left off without worrying about forgetting what we just did.

Whilist learning programming video's have always been my greatest friend, any-time that I want to know how something works I always look for a video, however the problem is that there really just aren't that many videos out there, especially when it comes to openGL ( D: ). I don't know about everyone else, but personally I learn better when it's happening right in-front of me and it's being explained. That's why I created this series.

If you are an experienced programmer and watch this series for whatever reason (I would assume out of boredom) please provide me with feedback, if I have explained something incorrectly to my viewers I would definitely like to know so I can clarify it. The point here is to teach people, not to feed them with false information.

Anyway the link to the playlist is below, I have just started uploading videos as of today [11/26/2013] and will continue to upload at-least one video daily, so please subscribe if you're interested. Throughout the tutorial series I am planning to move into things like networking, graphics, and many other things, such as working with JDBC, etc. We will create "mini-projects" a-long the way, such as the "text-based-game" that I'm getting ready to start in the next view videos. These "mini-projects" are meant to help you better understand what you've been taught. While it's not required that you complete them, it's highly recommended as I will be going over additional information which may have been forgotten in the initial explanation of something.

Anyway, if you read all of this, thanks.

Link to Video(s) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...VsgHGtCMyqc7Dw