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    Default Cannot start new thread

    Hi I know this is off topic from this thread however the site will not let me post a new thread and I apologize to the poster however I'm completely new here and am having a serious problem with my java and need someone's help, I actually went to the trouble of creating an account here just so I could get some real actual technical help, I am not stupid by any stretch, but I have exhausted javas resources and actually run out of ideas on how to fix this issue, I am simply posting this for anyone who actually knows to please PLEASE get back to me with how to fix this, java is literally stopping itself from updating on my machine, and literally telling me that it is unable to launch it's own platform. I can probs send technical information as well if anyone needs it. thanks in advance!!!!

    And again sorry to this poster!! :/ :)
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    Default Re: Cannot start new thread

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    When you view a forum listing -- for example Forum Lobby -- don't you see a button near the top left that says + Post New Thread?

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    Default Re: Cannot start new thread

    Every machine is different, so it will be quite hard for anyone to say what is wrong on your particular machine. Did you check the global help that Oracle provides?

    Java Help Center

    Completely uninstalling and then freshly install Java might be your safest bet; I hope your installation is not so far damaged that you can still do that.
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