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    Default Help learning java for preparations for university?

    Hi! I did an A level equivalent in visual basic and got an A so im not complacently new to programming. I'm learning Java, i have two month before university(Computer science) and being a geek i asked them what languages we will learn in the first and second year(Java and Python). My goal is to be a software developer, but anyway i have been reading beginning java for dummies which has 459 pages, gone through 200 in 2 weeks and loving it. but should i have read "Java All-in-One For Dummies" or/and "Java For Dummies" which had 912 pages. money isn't the problem i would gladly buy all three if needed. but which is the best because if i have been just getting a quick look at somethings then i would rather go over each aspect in more depth. so is there any need to buy the bigger book? also once i have finished this one i will likely go over it a good couple of times, which book should i carry on chose to carry on to the next level with some more advanced Java.

    one more question, is it wrong to program 8-14 hours a day because i cant stop. the volume of data going through my head (also studying other things).sometimes feels like my brain is going to explode.

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    Default Re: Help learning java for preparations for university?

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