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    Lightbulb Develop furniture tracking system

    hey people, i need u guys to help me by giving some ideas how to develop the program .The program is Furniture Customer Tracking System.distributes its products to retail stores, and sells directly to customers. Furniture would support online sales in the areas of corporate furniture buying, home office furniture purchasing, and student furniture purchasing. primary objective is to track and forecast customer buying patterns. So if u guys can help me by giving interesting ideas please reply this post .by the way,im new to java so i have interest to learn to java and u guys can also email me Tq, help is really appreciated :)
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    Default Re: Develop furniture tracking system

    This is a forum, not a place to publish your email address and seek off-forum help that doesn't benefit the community at large. And it's certainly not a code factory.

    As the question is vague and does not show any effort on your part to solve the problem, I'm moving this to the Forum Lobby. If and when you have a specific question about your code, you may start a thread in New to Java.

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