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    Default Not a Question. Thank a "Thank You"

    Sometimes I just think about all the people here who help those in need and I think about all the time and effort they put into this forum to guide these members. Maybe this thread is in the wrong section, but instead of making thread after thread asking for help, I just want to thank all of you hardworking mods, admins, and members who come here to share their knowledge for the greater good of the Java community. Thank you, guys, for everything you do for us!

    edit: Thread title was supposed to be Not a Question. Just a "Thank You"
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    Default Re: Not a Question. Thank a "Thank You"

    TBH I agree. I see some of you people as my real teacher. You guys are awesome. My teachers just read from powerpoints and give me homeworks without any guidance. Ive learnt more Java from these forums than the whole semister at university and I am very grateful.

    Great idea of a post.

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    Default Re: Not a Question. Thank a "Thank You"

    The thanks will be appreciated by all who help others here, but lets keep the technical sections for technical questions.

    Moved from New to Java.

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