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    Post Recommend a book to learn embedded Java

    I'm an experienced embedded C/C++ programmer and I've written a couple of android apps in my own time. My company is now expanding onto an embedded Java platform and I'm looking for a couple of good textbooks to get me started. As ever there seems to be so many to choose from it's a bit hit and miss finding a good one. Does anyone have any recommendatoins ?

    Many Thanks.

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    Default Re: Recommend a book to learn embedded Java

    Hello Andy;

    When it comes to experiences programming delving into a new language, I think Ivor Hortons books do well.
    Java: Ivor Horton's Beginning Java 2, JDK 5 Edition - Book Information and Code Download - Wrox

    His beginning visual c++ is a nightmare, as the teaches the CLI and ASCII c++ at the same time, but still, his stuff seems to go over really well with people who are transitioning languages as professionals, and he writes those nice, long books that cover pretty much every nook and cranny of a language. I mean like, portability vs performance and garbage collectors in applications written for business kinds of in depth.

    best of luck.


    Java is uber slick in terms of pretty much doing a million things for you, but you should look at the notes on math and integer types. Say goodbye to shorts and bytes man.(totally worth it not to play with pointers though.)

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    Default Re: Recommend a book to learn embedded Java

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