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    US Air Force Airman here. I have decided to see if I can learn Java, to see if I have what it takes. I have six years until I retire so... I am in no rush. My main concern, where do I start? The training listed on this site looks great, but for a man that knows zero about programming, and even less about Java, what would everyone recommend for the starting point? I already see the debate from Netbeans vs. Eclipse, so I have installed them both, I guess I will figure that part out for myself... who knows, maybe both will serve a purpose so both is both good and better? *shrug*

    I don't need anyone to hold my hand, but I do need direction on where to go for a self-taught endeavor into the world of Java. I may fail, but hey, I may prevail; so off I go into the wild blue yonder...

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