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    Default Math question.......?

    Hello everybody!

    May I ask you a big favor?
    I need help.
    What I have is:
    A bag contains marbles of three different colors with at least three marbles of each color.
    Three marbles are randomly selected, without replacement. How many different color combinations are possible?

    I tried to use Combinatorial Calculator here:
    Combinatorial Calculator

    And I've got : 10

    Seems like it is the right answer, because textbook shows me the same..
    But I want to understand the way of solving it.
    Please show me step by step solution or the formula.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Math question.......?

    Check the Wikipedia article on Combinations. Since your problem allows repetition, you will want to look in the "Number of combinations with repetition" section for the proper formula:

    Math question.......?-ec62e5442bf984850c99c35cf03a15a9.png

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