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    Default LG 840 games are cut off at the bottom....

    Hey, this is my first post. I had a quick question regarding java apps on my Tracfone LG 840 touch screen. I'm not really sure which forum this belongs. As you may know when loading a java app onto the LG tracfones you receive this pesky key pad at the bottom of the screen. After searching I found out how to remove the pad and when I go back into the games the screen is lower than what it should be, placing some controls off screen and unusable rendering many games unplayable. It's not a resizing problem, I don't believe but rather repositioning it. I'm not sure. Keep in mind that I have little to no experience with java programs. Thanks

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    Default Re: LG 840 games are cut off at the bottom....

    Moved from New to Java.

    These forums are targeted to persons programming in the Java language, not toward users of any and all Java applications on any and all devices. You may have better luck on a forum dedicated to your particular device, if one exists anywhere.

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