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    Default How to learn programming beyond just copying syntax?

    I'm trying to learn Java programming and I'm watching Moderator edit: site name Java Training and I find myself following along with my Eclipse program open and just copying and typing out syntax with the instructor but a lot of the concepts are just brushed over so quickly that there is very little room for why, how, or what even. It's just "copy this copy that you want to put that in front of this..and now go do this here."

    And you're just following along typing out what you're told mindlessly and it truly feels like you aren't really learning anything. What should I be doing to truly learn it?

    My strategy right now is just push along and maybe I'll see something later on that makes it all click more. Maybe move on to the advanced Moderator edit: site name removed video. Then maybe come back and watch it again while looking stuff up online until my knowledge increases on it.

    I just want to get the most out of it and actually learn it. Thoughts?
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    Default Re: How to learn programming beyond just copying syntax?

    Moved from New to Java and removed reference to commercial site.

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