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    Default Help! Java barcode generator bought from can not be installed!

    Recently, I need to create QR Code barcodes in my Java program. So I bought a Java barcode generator from Moderator edit: site name However, I can not install this control in my computer! I tried many ways. But it just did not work! Another computer can run it smoothly. It's maybe just the problem of my computer. I bought one license. So does anyone bought products from Moderator edit: site name and know about this? Anyone can help me? Great thanks to you in advance! I am really in a hurry. Because my boss asked me to finish my program this week. Help please!
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    Default Re: Help! Java barcode generator bought from can not be installed!

    This question has nothing to do with Java. Moved from Java Applets.

    I'm removing the name of the site. Try for help from the supplier or on a forum for your particular operating system.


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