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    Default Should I reconsider Computer Engineering as a major?

    Hello I just wanted to get you guys opinion on this.

    So my major is computer engineering and I've already taken basic java to data structures and assembly language. And in each one of those classes, I've always had trouble understanding the instructions of my program assignments. I always had to ask for help and when it was explained to be about certain concepts I never seem to get it unless I keep asking over and over again.

    The bigger issue is the fact that I just can't logically think about how to approach certain programs on my own, so once again I always end up needing help. I know that programming takes a lot of logical thinking, but I just can't get that through my head. The problem is I always over analyze things which makes it even more confusing.

    Now I'm going to a university and I'm retaking intermediate java, of which I should have had experience, but I'm still struggling and once again always have to ask for help on program assignments because I just can't logically think on my own.

    I mean when I do complete a program, I do feel really great that I created it. But the. I always think its because someone held my hands along the way, instead of me doing it on my own.

    Should I just consider another major? End the hassle? What do you guys think I should do?

    FYI java is the programming language I have experience.
    The only other language I know a little about is C++ but only basics.

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    Default Re: Should I reconsider Computer Engineering as a major?

    The work doesn't get easier if that's what you're asking. You'll get better at it if you keep working at it though. How much time do you invest in practice (outside of classwork)? Some people have trouble grasping some of the concepts and getting a feel for it - those people need to spend a lot of extra time nailing down those concepts than other people. You might have to spend twice as much time as the guy next to you to be able to grasp what it is you are doing. I know, because I was one of these people.

    For the first couple programming classes, I couldn't understand why some of the other guys in the class seemed to 'get it' so easily, while I struggled with some of the basic concepts. I had to put in a lot of time programming on the side to become comfortable. Then one day towards the end of the second level programming course (mind you I had already done a supposedly level 1 & 2 programming course in community college before going off to a 4 year for CS) it just clicked. A particular project we were assigned grabbed my interest, and before I knew it, I had dumped 50 or 60 hours into it over that week. For the first time I felt like I could figure out what I needed to do, and then actually do it. And there it was - a success. From that point on, the projects got harder, the hours got longer, but I never felt hopeless about a project again. Every new assignment was one that I didn't have a solution for, but knew without a doubt I would find one in time.

    All that said, it comes down to this: Do you enjoy programming? Because spending 20-80 hours a week doing something you don't enjoy is a waste of effort. I grew to love it, and now do it professionally.

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    Default Re: Should I reconsider Computer Engineering as a major?

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