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    Default JavaFX 2.0 and/or Swing

    Are these completey different GUI modules in which I should attack for example Swing and then move on to FX ?
    I want to approach learning JAVA taking a proper learning path. Thanks

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    Default Re: JavaFX 2.0 and/or Swing

    Most important -- code using the MVC paradigm, so that regardless of which GUI library you use, your models will all be pretty close to being library-agnostic. As for which to choose, I can't help you as I am not that familiar with JavaFX.

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    Default Re: JavaFX 2.0 and/or Swing

    If you're just starting in GUIs, I would recommend JavaFX, primarily because Swing has been declared to be in maintenance mode, which means no new API (and quite possibly a low priority of fixing reported bugs).

    JavaFX and Swing can be combined in the same GUI, but the programming to ensure that Swing code runs on the EDT and FX code in the Application Thread isn't pretty.

    IMO the two biggest drawbacks in the present FX API are (1) lack of a Spinner component and (2) no public API for saving FX image types or converting them to AWT image types. Both of these are fully expected to be addressed in the near future (or might be already addressed, I haven't consulted the API for the very latest release).

    Apart from that, I agree with Fubarable about learning and following the MVC paradigm. You may still need to create different models for Swing and FX, as FX makes good use of the Collections framework which didn't exist when Swing was created, and is also fully genericised, unlike Swing where only in Java 7 did a smattering of generics appear (JList, ListModel and JComboBox).

    As this isn't a question about AWT/Swing programming, I shall move it to the Forum Lobby.

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