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    Default Changing current directory

    Hello everyone,
    When I want to compile my source file and I want to change my directory to where the file is located, instead of being able to write

    cd C:\java

    I have to write cd C:\Users\pcworld\Document\Java

    Everything works fine but I just wondered if I could do anything to enable me to just write cd C:\java instead?

    Many Thanks

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    Default Re: Changing current directory

    "C:\Users\pcworld\Document\Java" and "C:\java" are two different places. So you can't cd to one if you mean the other.

    The cd command uses relative paths - paths relative to where you currently are. So, for example, if you are in the C:\Users\pcworld\Document directory (folder), you can say

    Java Code:
    c:\Users\pcworld\Document>cd Java
    This will also take you to C:\Users\pcworld\Document\Java.

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    Default Re: Changing current directory

    Not a Java question. Moved from New to Java.

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