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    Default Looking to collaborate and learn in realtime with 1-3 people

    I was looking to see if 1-3 other people want to learn java with me (I know the very basic fundamentals myself) through tutorials, etc. and collaborate on a single project using the Saros plugin for eclipse. Voice communication is essential (I don't really care whether it is Skype, or something else like Teamspeak), with a decent microphone. I use Turtle Beach X12's myself.

    Reply to this post if you are interested, if you need help installing Saros, I can help with that too :)! We can agree on a project to do once we start working, I am completely flexible.

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    Default Re: Looking to collaborate and learn in realtime with 1-3 people

    Moved from New to Java, which is for technical questions.

    The purpose of a forum is to share problems and their possible solutions. Not to provide a message board for establishing other communication channels which do not in any way benefit the online community.

    I'm closing this thread and it will be removed later.


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