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Thread: Chat?

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    Question Chat?

    Im new to Java
    Im often sitting after work or school alone trying to learn more.
    But i often get stuck and sometimes i just need a new set of eyes or a quick question to someone.

    None of my friends have any knowledge in this area.
    So im quite "alone" with it.

    So now im looking for a chat/channel or something where ppl that work with this talk to each other.
    I cant believe im alone in this situation and im the only one in the need of someone to ask questions about code and different functions.


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    Default Re: Chat?

    Moved form New to Java. Please don't post non-technical questions in the technical sections.

    Also, this is not a place to establish off-forum communication channels, as that defeats the very purpose of a forum: to share problems and their possible solutions.

    Closing this thread.


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