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    Default Finger print reader

    hi all,
    I want to take fingerprints from biometric machine and store it in database..
    waiting for answer..
    thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Finger print reader

    You're waiting for an answer, but you haven't asked a question. What part of this are you asking about?
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    Default Re: Finger print reader

    i jst want to ask dat how can i take input from fingerprint reader and store it in database...

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    Default Re: Finger print reader

    Your question is missing specifics all of which would be important if there's any chance for any of us to answer it. Things like
    • what fingerprint reader are you talking about?
    • what Java API comes with the reader?
    • what database?
    • what have you tried and where exactly are you stuck?

    Also, please avoid use of non-standard English or non-standard abbreviations such as "dat" and "jst". This is an issue of communicating things as clearly as possible in this forum and one of professionalism too.

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    Default Re: Finger print reader

    Moved here from a staff-only section. If and when there's a clear technical question, the thread can be moved to a more appropriate place.

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